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Toofun Industrial Group, with the slogan of “new generation of excitement,” started its activity in designing and manufacturing amusement park equipment and facilities in 1995. This collection of knowledge-based manufacturers of amusement park equipment and equipment uses the world’s latest technologies. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are widely used in the design and construction of storm amusement park equipment.

The designers and manufacturers of Toofan amusement rides are skilled professionals whose goal is to boost the entertainment industry market, both for “public satisfaction” and “investor profitability

Toofan Industrial Group, by recognizing the successful amusement parks in the world, produces the most popular and safest amusement equipment and equipment

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If you are looking to buy amusement equipment, we offer you the most modern amusement equipment. The equipment and facilities of Toofan amusement park are designed and built in accordance with the latest technologies in the world. By purchasing Storm Amusement Equipment, you will give a new look to your entertainment complex, and this will attract a wider audience
Examining the list of Toofun playground equipment, you will notice their differences with the old amusement park equipment

Purchase of indoor amusement park installation

After-sales service for amusement machines

One of the most important features when shopping for playground equipment is safety. Toofun playground equipment has a standard mark and the safest equipment has been used in their construction. If you need help, in less than 72 hours, the after-sales service team of Toofan amusement machines will be on site and solve the problem.

Design and construction of equipment and playground equipment

Toofun playground equipment is made under the supervision of professional industrial designers. Visual appeal, unique design, high quality and variety of games for all ages, combination of mechanical movements with VR images, high excitement and complete safety Special points for equipment and Amusement park equipment is a storm.

Free consultation on the purchase and installation of amusement equipment

If you need to receive the latest prices of indoor amusement equipment, indoor amusement equipment list, amusement equipment guide and amusement equipment purchase and sale advice, please contact Toofun Industrial Group consultants.

Toofun aerial train simulator, the best-selling amusement device in 1998

Toofun “air train” simulator is one of the most popular playground equipment.

Visual appeal and the combination of mechanical movements with 360-degree images in virtual reality glasses create an exciting experience for users.

Although most amusement park accidents involve aerial trains, the “aerial train simulator” is now widely regarded as a completely safe alternative.

Unique design of amusement rides

Toofun playground equipment is made under the supervision of professional industrial designers. Principled technical drawing, along with visual appeal, is a special advantage of Toofun amusement rides.

High quality and variety of games and movies

The virtual reality movies and games in the memory of Toofun Amusement Park are very diverse; Also, the high quality of the images doubles the user's enjoyment of using the amusement rides.

Combining mechanical movements with VR images

Toofun virtual reality simulators with high flexibility in mechanical movements and adaptability of movements with VR images, blur the line between game and reality for users.

High excitement, complete safety

Toofun virtual reality simulators are built with the goal of modernizing and securing amusement parks. These playground equipment, while maintaining a high coefficient of excitement, have reduced the accident coefficient in the amusement park to zero.