Why choose Toofun products

The equipment produced by Toofun Industrial Group for recreation and welfare centers and amusement parks is in accordance with the current tastes of users and the current technologies in the world.

About Us

As a knowledge-based producer, Toofun Industrial Group has one ultimate goal: to innovate in the entertainment industry and give a new look to amusement parks. Today, with the advancement of technology, the needs of customers have changed and other mechanical equipment of amusement parks and leisure centers are no longer popular with customers. We have identified their needs and used the latest technologies in the production of equipment. The Toofun draws different groups of people to the amusement park

How does a Toofun boost amusement parks

What is the Toofun

No age limit

Toofun Amusement Equipment is suitable for all ages
Therefore, Toofan invites families and various groups of friends to the amusement park without age restrictions

Visual charm, interior quality

Toofun Amusement Equipment, despite its visual appeal and beautiful appearance, is made with the best parts and technologies of the day, and this connection creates a real pleasure for the user

Amusement equipment for all ages

Toofun playground equipment does not have an age group. These simulators appeal to both children and teens and adults alike. With Toofun amusement park equipment, all ages can be invited to the amusement park.

The story of the Toofun

Modern manufacturer of amusement equipment

The first equipment made by the Toofun was the Flight Simulator. The flight simulator was built for training and for pilots, but the feedback he received showed that the simulators are fun and entertaining for all people. Because the experience that simulators give us is not really achieved.
Thus, the storm began to build different simulators to create different experiences for users from earth to sky, from closed spaces to the most pristine nature.
Simulators make your exciting imaginations possible!

Top booth for innovation in simulation

Manufacturer of VR and AR simulators

Top participant in the ninth edition of the entertainment and amusement industry exhibition

International Toofun Permits

Toofun Industrial Group, affiliated to Paya Hydraulic Jam Company, has proudly been able to obtain the following international certifications in the field of amusement equipment production:

Toofun consultants are with you to guide you through purchasing playground equipment and building indoor and outdoor playgrounds

Toofun, the most creative and safest manufacturer of amusement equipment in the domestic industry, welcomes your ideas and suggestions