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Toofun Rock Climbing Simulator (Rock Fun)

Product features

The Rock Fun simulator is a rock climbing simulator device with an entertainment aspect. The rock climbing simulator provides a safe rock climbing experience without the fear of injury or falling for the user. The user climbs up using adjustable grips installed on the surface of the device’s wall. Additionally, by adjusting the wall rotation speed to a treadmill-like mode, the user creates a challenging environment for themselves. One of the unique features of this device is its easy installation and setup in small spaces, especially indoor recreational and sports environments. The user can change the wall rotation direction according to their preference using the device’s control panel. Furthermore, the wall slope is adjustable based on the user’s physical readiness. Professional climbers can also utilize negative wall slopes for added difficulty. Users can utilize the device environment for dual-player competition. The Rock Fun device is highly engaging, simultaneously engaging the mind and body, providing suitable training for decision-making and movement coordination. Coordination between nerves and muscles, increased decision-making power and self-confidence, improved agility, endurance, and muscle mass increase are among the other benefits of rock climbing exercise. Contact our experts for purchasing Rock Fun and information about the sale conditions of Toofan playground equipment.

Technical specifications of the device

User Limitations

One year warranty

Five years after-sales service

Available in Toofun warehouse

Ready to ship from warehouse

Has a standard badge

Made in Iran

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European CE international certificate

ISO 9001 certificate