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Toofun Roller Coaster Simulator

Product features

The roller coaster simulator is a device designed to simulate various movements of roller coasters. Two users, after sitting inside the cabin and putting on virtual reality goggles while closing the hatches, are ready for an exciting journey. The special features of the Toofan roller coaster simulator include the ability to rotate 720 degrees, which conveys the sensation of a real roller coaster to the user.

This equipment, by combining virtual reality (VR) technology and mechanical movements, immerses the user in a space full of excitement and wonder, with safety design and adherence to ergonomic principles complementing this extraordinary experience.

Technical specifications of the device

Technical specifications of the device

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product introduction

The roller coaster simulator; Safe excitement

The roller coaster is one of the most popular attractions found in large amusement parks. However, two issues prevent every amusement park from having a mechanical/electrical roller coaster:


۱) The large space required for installing a roller coaster.


۲) The potential safety hazards associated with roller coasters.


To equip your amusement park with a roller coaster, you need an area that can accommodate this device. Meanwhile, within the same space, you can use multiple diverse equipment.


Safety is paramount. We know that many unfortunate incidents in amusement parks have involved roller coasters. Unfortunately, incidents such as cabins coming off the rails are a tragic occurrence in amusement parks worldwide.


Since people still enjoy the roller coaster experience, Toofan Industrial Group recommends the roller coaster simulator to you. The roller coaster simulator provides a more thrilling experience for users without these issues. Furthermore, the roller coaster simulator can be installed in both indoor and outdoor amusement parks. For outdoor amusement parks, an enclosed room is provided where the roller coaster simulator is placed and is usable in all seasons.

Roller coaster simulator is a safe investment for amusement parks

Specifications of Toofun's roller coaster simulator game

Toofun games typically last from 3 to 5 minutes, accompanied by an exhilarating experience that allows for extending the gameplay time indefinitely. Toofun games include 10 thrilling virtual reality games with upgradeable and supported features. For purchasing Toofun playground equipment, you can avail yourself of free consultation from our experts.

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