A new generation of excitement

A new generation of excitement
A new generation of excitement۱۴۰۰-۱-۲۱ ۱۵:۰۲:۱۷ +۰۰:۰۰

Toofun Industrial Group,

Introduces you to modern amusement equipment.

Unique Toofun products
Exciting technology experience with hurricane simulators

Virtual reality glasses

The thrill of being in sync with virtual reality and physical movements

Aerial train simulator

360 degree rotation on two axes

Aerial train simulator
Equipment warranty

One year warranty and 5 years after-sales service

High Quality

Ability to play images and play quality games

Why choose Toofun products?

During several years of continuous activity in the field of production of equipment for amusement parks and recreation centers,

Recognizing the needs of this field, it introduces creative and different products.

Benefits of investing in the entertainment industry

Fast return on investment – high profitability – market assurance

Bestselling product of 1998: Aerial train simulator

The Toofan air train simulator is one of the most popular entertainment products.
Visual appeal and the combination of mechanical movements with 360-degree images in virtual reality glasses provide an exciting experience for customers.

شبیه ساز ترن هوایی توفان

A storm of excitement!

  • Unique product design

  • High excitement while safety

  • Combining mechanical movements with the world of virtual reality

  • High quality games and movies

Experience technology and excitement with the Toofun!

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The flight simulator enables an authentic and adventurous aerial battle. The user sits in the cockpit and, using a joystick handle, like a fighter pilot, takes control of the cockpit and shoots at targets. A flight simulator with 360-degree rotation on two axes provides an exciting experience for the user.

Storm aerial train simulator is designed and manufactured to simulate a variety of aerial train movements. Two users sit in the cabin, wear virtual reality goggles, close their guards and get ready for an exciting journey. This product’s unique feature is 360-degree rotation in two axes, which conveys the excitement of a real aerial train to the user.

شبیه ساز ترن هوایی توفان

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The Holofan device is designed using hologram technology. A special feature of Holofan is that the user can see the image of the game in the middle of a pyramid, in three dimensions and suspended in the air. This feature shows a more realistic image than games.

هولوفان 1

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The Minifun is a small, cost-effective device that simulates the movement of virtual reality. This device is designed and manufactured for home and game club use.

Minifan capability: Support for car, flight and spaceship games.

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Fitofan, a cycling simulator, is a cost-effective device designed and manufactured for home and club use.

Fitofan brings nature to your home and makes you enjoy exercising indoors. So it encourages you to exercise routine.

فیت فان خانگی 1فیت فان

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