Roller Coaster simulator

ویژگی های این محصول

Roller Coaster simulator is a device designed and produced with the aim of simulating various movements of Roller Coaster. The two users prepare for an exciting journey after sitting in the cabin and installing virtual reality glasses on their eyes and closing the guards. One of the special features of the Toofun Roller Coaster simulator is the possibility of rotating 720 degrees, which conveys the excitement of a real Roller Coaster to the audience

Combining virtual reality (VR) technology and mechanical movements, this equipment brings the audience into an atmosphere full of excitement and surprise, which, of course, safe design along with the principles of ergonomics, completes this extraordinary experience.

Game time: 3 to 5 minutes with the possibility of unlimited increase

Movies: 10 virtual reality games with the ability to increase the number of games and support

Physical specifications of the device

Length 370 cm

Width 250 cm

Height 285 cm

Technical specifications of the device

Drive system: Gearbox electromotor

Degree of freedom: Two degrees of freedom with no time limit around

Pitch and Roll axes

Maximum cabin and arm speed: 15RPM

Consumption voltage: 220VAC

Consumption amps: 12 amps

User restrictions

Minimum height: 1.5 meters

Maximum weight 180 kg for two passengers

شناسه محصول : 8433-1

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