Balance simulator; GyroFun amusement park

ویژگی های این محصول

The games in the exciting GyroFun device go according to the user’s physical strength. The user is placed on the device from the legs and feet; In this case, his face will be in front of the screen and he can steer the game by moving on two axes. The GyroFun device is a very exciting device that engages the mind and body at the same time. The freedom of movement of the device in two axes and the pleasure of trying to play GyroFun games, induces the excitement of physical activity to the user. The level of games in this device, from beginner to advanced, can be adjusted according to the age and physical strength of the users.

Play time: 3 to 5 minutes with the possibility of unlimited increase

Games: 8 virtual reality games with the ability to upgrade and support

Dynamic range: 60 degrees of freedom on the horizontal axis 70 degrees of freedom on the vertical axis

Specifications of GyroFun machine

Length 180 cm

Width 100 cm

Height 110 cm

User weight up to 100 kg

شناسه محصول : 8434-1

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