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FitFun cycling simulator has enabled cycling with virtual reality capability. Cycling on the street is sometimes associated with injuries, such as physical injuries and inhaling polluted air

This cycling simulator provides the experience of cycling at home for everyone with peace of mind. The movies in the FitFun monitor memory take the user to the most pristine landscapes and double the enjoyment of cycling

If you are one of those people who can not stick to their exercise routine, we recommend the home FitFun cycling simulator. The idea of ​​exercising in nature and at the same time the comfort of exercising at home is a special feature that will act as a motivational stimulus for you

In addition, cycling is one of the sports that simultaneously affects physical and mental health, and including it in your daily routine will make you a healthier and happier person

Parts and accessories

A smart trainer / a virtual reality headset / a trainer interface cable to the computer / manual

Tip: You can use your personal bike; Therefore, the dimensions of the bike will depend on your choice. The virtual reality equipment that Toofun provides you can be installed on any bike

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