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FitFun cycling simulator has enabled cycling with virtual reality capability. Cycling on the street is sometimes associated with injuries; Such as physical injuries and inhalation of polluted air

This cycling simulator can be included in club sports equipment so that athletes can include cycling in their program. Cycling is a light and fun sport that most people are interested in but can not use due to the structure of the streets and sidewalks.

Doing 20 to 30 minutes of cycling daily for each athlete strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular function, lungs, mental health, and so on. Having a FitFun cycling simulator in the clubs can make the weight of the sport more fun for the athletes. Athletes use virtual reality technology to step out of the enclosed space of the club and imagine themselves in nature. The FitFun bike simulator can double the appeal of the sport and give the club a modern look

Parts and accessories

An intelligent communication module + sensor / touch monitor / computer mini case / virtual reality headset / manual

Note: Each sports club can provide a bicycle according to the needs of its audience in terms of height, quality and brand. The virtual reality equipment that Toofun provides you can be installed on any bike

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