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Minifun Toofun

The Toofun Minifun is a small and cost-effective virtual reality motion simulator designed and manufactured for home and game club use.

A passenger is ready to work after sitting on the seat of the device and placing and fastening seat belts, and after installing virtual reality glasses on the eyes, you can start a game of your choice from among the games, and this device is capable of supporting car games. It has riding, flying and spaceships.

شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی توفان

Specifications of MiniFun TooFun

Physical specifications of the device

Dimensions of Minifun device:
  • Length: 85 cm

  • Width: 50 cm

  • Length: 50 cm

  • Weight: 23 kg

Technical specifications and limitations of the device
Drive system: Gearbox electromotor
Degrees of freedom: 360 degree rotation and bending angle in the vertical and horizontal axis more than 70 degrees
Maximum speed: 360rpm
Consumption voltage: 220 V
700 A
Minimum user height: 1.5 m
حMaximum Weight:
180 kg for one passenger

Ability to rotate 360 degrees

Bending in the vertical and horizontal axis more than 70 degrees of freedom

1 year warranty
10 years support and after-sales service


To register an order for this product for your collection, you can contact the sales and trade units of Toofan through communication channels.

  • Phone : 33932233-031

  • Mobile: 09130008262

  • Address: Isfahan, Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, Jam Pahydraulic Company