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Three-dimensional hologram of holofun

3D hologram Virtual image playback technology (animated and real) goes beyond time and space. The interaction between software and hardware in the new era has created a variety of products. Hologram is also one of these products. 3D hologram is a very dynamic hardware nature, which in interaction with software is a favorable platform for producing diverse, different and desirable content.

شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی توفان
شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی توفان

It is actually a moving film that is irradiated in the path of light. This technique enables us to create holograms of humans, animals, and large objects. In this type of hologram, there is a continuous image capability and its application is in fantasy, advertising, games and entertainment, etc.

Holography is no longer simply a science fiction dream. One of the most obvious applications of this technology in recent years has been its use in concerts. Past stars can be revived to go on stage and perform again. These screens can also be used for live performances where musicians are not physically present, instead transmitting their image for display in front of an audience. In the games section, the holographic display that allows real-time multiplayer games is currently being created by Hurricane Group.

3D projection holographic screens or 3D projector holograms are a powerful tool to use in presentations, exhibitions or fairs to drive visitors to the booth. The video image is from a projector mounted on the back of the screen. Also, this projection glass screen or back projection screen can include touch screen functionality that can be adapted to the screen for interactive content.

شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی توفان

Advantages of Holofun 3D hologram:

  • No need for special glasses or tools to see 3D images

  • Easy to transport and restart the system in its small size

  • Ability to display the image of this system in natural daylight and artificial light of office environments

  • Ability to update content according to time and place

  • Super attractive system for contacts

  • Use online and offline (for virtual answering)

  • Ability to display any animated or real character

  • Ability to display different and varied texts in three dimensions

  • Ability to display infinite content per day including text, movies, animations and any other visual content

  • Possibility of construction in any dimensions and size

  • Adaptive device structure with the architecture and interior design of the desired installation location

  • Limited and low maintenance costs

  • Ability to display ideas and images that have a high cost of construction in the real world

1 year warranty
10 years support and after-sales service


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