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Flight Simulator Toofun

A flight simulator is a device designed and manufactured to simulate various aircraft movements and other flight equipment. A pilot controls the cockpit of the machine.

Specifications of Storm Flight Simulator

Game profile

  • 2 بازی با قابلیت ارتقا و پشتیبانی

Physical specifications of the device

Dimensions of the flight simulator:
  • Length: 250 cm

  • Width: 200 cm

  • Height: 280 cm

Technical specifications and limitations of the device
Drive system: Gearbox electromotor
Minimum height:  1.5 m
Maximum weight: 120 kg for one passenger

Equipment and accessories of the device:

Operator control panel, 2 simulator games, game music speaker

Ability to rotate 720 degrees !!!

Two axes with the ability to rotate 360 degrees in two directions

1 year warranty
10 years support and after-sales service


To register an order for this product for your collection, you can contact the sales and trade units of Toofan through communication channels.

  • Phone: 33932233-031

  • Mobile: 09130008262

  • Email: info@toofun.org

  • Instagram: toofun_org @

  • Telegram: toofun_org

  • Address: Isfahan, Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, Jam Pahydraulic Company