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Cycling is an affordable and effective sport that contributes to cardiovascular health and increased fitness, but it is not a flawless sport. The low intensity and friendly activity of this activity has made cycling a popular and enjoyable sport. Cycling in groups creates an invigorating and energetic atmosphere.

شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی توفان
شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی توفان

Cycling is one of the most popular methods for people who want to strengthen their heart and lungs. Regular cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by 50%. Also, regular aerobic exercise on the bike strengthens the lungs and allows them to absorb more oxygen and increase your energy levels. Benefits of cycling include: strengthening the cardiovascular system, mental health, increasing creativity, reducing insomnia, reducing the signs of aging, increasing defecation, increasing longevity, increasing the level of intelligence, increasing the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, weight loss and …

Having strong hearts and lungs not only prevents dangerous cardiovascular conditions such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome, but also provides more energy for your daily activities. Do you feel short of breath every time you go up the stairs? Cycling for at least 20 minutes a day enables you to do more with just half the energy.

Increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction

Ever heard of “Runner’s high”? It is a feeling of satisfaction that comes to people after a long aerobic activity. A common misconception about Runner’s high is that it is caused by the secretion of endorphins in the body. But recent studies have shown that a family of tiny molecules (called endocannabinoids) are responsible for the sense of happiness and satisfaction that cyclists experience.

Cycling for 30 minutes is all you need to get the benefits of endocannabinoids. Cyclists are said to be often the happiest employees of the office. On the other hand, cycling reduces stress and at the same time increases the feeling of happiness and psychological well-being.

Disadvantages that outdoor cycling will have


In September 2011, the New York Times reported that cyclists and cyclists’s managers stressed that the number of accidents at cycling races had increased in both the number and severity of accidents in recent years, although no official figures were available. If you are a regular cyclist, you should follow all the rules of the road and ride a bike ready to take care of yourself. According to the law, the right of way on the streets and roads is by car, not by bicycle, so be careful.

Exposure to air pollution

Cyclists are more likely to inhale polluted air than motorcyclists, according to a March 2011 study (Healthy Environmental Perspectives). If you live in an area with a lot of environmental pollution, we recommend that you check the conditions before cycling to see if it is worth going out.

Fit Fan bikes do not have any of these disadvantages, and with the addition of virtual reality software, you can completely feel like a cyclist in nature and outside the house in any of the environments that if you want to travel to those places with your bike. It has made possible a hundred times more difficult work, and with the ability to be networked, you will have this experience with your friends anywhere in the world at home and at the lowest cost.

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