Tehran Eram Amusement Park – Part One

One of the best pastimes that families have always welcomed is amusement parks, which have two types, indoor and outdoor. Indoor amusement parks are suitable for all four seasons of the year. But instead, outdoor playgrounds produce more excitement and adrenaline because they are aerobic. The city of Tehran, despite its large area and population, has many entertainment centers. One of the most exciting amusement parks in Tehran is Eram Amusement Park, one of the most popular entertainment centers.


Eram Amusement Park is located in Eram Park, was established in 1350, and with an area of ​​75 hectares, was recognized as the largest amusement park in Tehran. The founder of this park was a person named Rahim Ali Khoram. For this reason, it was also called Khorram Park.

What are the parts of Eram Amusement Park?

Three amusement parks, a zoo, and a lake for boating make up the Eram complex. Eram amusement park has many possibilities that can surely leave a memorable memory of the experience of excitement, fear, and joy in the mind. With more than 70 different gaming devices, it covers most tastes and ages. This amusement park’s space is not very efficient for fresh air and relaxation, but it is a good choice for adventurous fun! These amusement parks are outdoor (which is more exciting) and indoor (suitable for colder and safer seasons). Of course, Eram outdoor playground has been closed for some time in winter.

شهربازی ارم تهران

Tehran Eram Amusement Park 

The largest zoo in Tehran is Eram Amusement Park.

Eram Zoo was added to the collection in 1992. The purpose of its establishment is to introduce animals and make zoological research possible. The zoo is located on the south side of the park, has an area of 5 hectares, and with more than 100 species of native and non-native animals, it is the largest zoo in Tehran. We can mention the African lion, Siberian tiger, leopard, cheetah, monkeys, etc.


شهربازی ارم تهران

Tehran Eram Amusement Equipment


Tehran Eram amusement equipment

Eram Park is a collection of 3 amusement parks known as Luna 1, Luna 2, and Luna 3. Lunas are not far from each other, and all three of them can be easily used.

Luna 1

This section is more suitable for children and has a wide variety of equipment. Facilities such as toilets, prayer halls, snack shops, and fast food are located in this section to be easily accessed to provide the child.

Star Trek, Salto, UFO, Frisbee, Kids Rally, Strong Swing, Baby Swing, Eurobange, Jumping, Horse Riding, Skateboarding, Saba Wrestling, Kids Frisbee, Ship, Horror Tunnel, Baby Air Train, Ball Pool, Sled, Random Car Children and adults, teenage, waterfall, mini-jet, crazy dance, windsurfing, chain swing, and computer games section (including 15 different devices) are the equipment of Luna 1 amusement park.

Luna 2

Since not all of this section is for children, there are some fascinating items in it. You can experience the most popular equipment of Eram Park in this section: 2 discs and caster, caterpillar, booster, and free fall.

Parameter with a height of 40 meters, a carousel with a height of 35 meters, adult electric car, children’s electric car, jersey swing (frisbee), horse-drawn carriage, sled, monorail, spaceship, children’s air train, computer game, and free-fall are also Luna 2 amusement equipment. They are logos.

Luna 3

Family aerial train, karting track complex, waterfall, crazy mouse, flying swing, you skate, 3D glasses, etc., are Luna 3 Eram amusement parks’ equipment. This section is smaller than the other sections.

In Luna 3, skateboarding with a height of 32 meters is very popular and exciting. Crazy mouse, flying swing, waterfall slide, karting, and adult aerial train with a speed of 50 km per hour and a rail length of 550 meters.


شهربازی ارم تهران

Tehran Eram Amusement Park

Working hours and address of Eram amusement park in Tehran

Spring and summer seasons: Saturday to Thursday from 17: 3 to 1 in the morning. Holidays from 16:00 to 2:00.

Autumn season: Saturday to Thursday from 17:00 to 22:00. Holidays from 17:00 to 23:00.

Winter: Closed.

Address: Tehran, km 4 of Tehran-Karaj highway, after Sattari bridge, exit of Bakri highway, Eram Park amusement park.