Introducing Tehran Eram amusement equipment

Before choosing a recreation area, we need to get information about its facilities and equipment. Tehran Eram amusement park is one of the most popular amusement parks in Iran. In the article “Tehran Eram amusement park, one of the best amusement parks in Iran, part 1”, we introduced it in detail. In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular equipment of Eram Tehran amusement park.

Free-fall of Eram amusement park

Eram is one of the most popular and scary amusement rides that most people know about. With a height of 85 meters, Eram amusement park is the highest device among Eram amusement parks. When the occupants sit on the seats, it rises to a certain height, then with a terrifying countdown, all the seats fall. The moment the passenger is thrown from top to bottom, the view of Tehran’s city will be trampled. The free fall of Eram amusement park is that several chairs attached to the chain hang around a central square (tower). For added safety, magnetic brakes are installed in the structure that controls the chains. A reputable German company produces eram amusement parks, and in terms of safety, it is equal to the standard equipment of world-renowned amusement parks. The Eram free-fall machine’s capacity is 24 people, which people under 12 years old can not use.

شهربازی‌های مهیج

Tehran Eram amusement equipment



Rotating Star

One of the highest and most exciting equipment of Eram Tehran amusement park is the rotating star. It is about 30 meters high and can accommodate 30 people. The seats are placed on the end of the structure and move. Passengers sit on the chairs, and the machine moves them up and down. Combined movements and 360-degree rotation are also a variety of rotating star movements. The star manufacturer of Eram Tehran Amusement Battalion is Zaire, Germany. Zaire Company is known as one of the top manufacturers of amusement equipment. This device is not recommended for people under 12 years old.

Eram air train

The Eram air train has a winding ramp on which several cabins run. The occupants sit in the cab, and the rail runs at speed. The path is steep, winding, and sometimes even upside down, both fun and daunting for the occupant. Tehran Eram air train is one of the most exciting pieces of equipment of this amusement park.


شهربازی ارم تهران

Amusement equipment ‌ Eram


UFO spacecraft

The idea to build a spaceship dates back to the ’70s, and it got its name from the movie Star Wars. Spaceships typically have 20 double cabins. The occupants sit in the cabins, fasten their seat belts, and the spacecraft begins to spin at variable speeds and inclines! Among the Eram amusement parks, the UFO spacecraft has more passenger capacity.


One of the most famous pieces of equipment of Tehran Eram amusement park is Frisbee. Frisbee is a circular device with a combination of motions: it rotates and moves back and forth like a pendulum. The rotation has a constant rhythm, but its pendulum motion increases and then decreases rhythm. The combination of these movements makes the Frisbee occupant feel weightless and will experience exciting dizziness.

Saba ship Eram amusement park

Saba ship is one of the oldest amusement equipment. Saba Eram Tehran Amusement Park has a capacity of 45 to 55 passengers and rotates up to a height of 20 meters at an angle of 75 degrees. Its initial and final occupants experience more excitement than the central occupants. This device’s safety has been proven to everyone during the years of use in Eram amusement park in Tehran.

Chain tab

Chain lights are one of the oldest amusement park equipment. The process of chain swing is that several swings are connected to the central structure by chains, and with the rotation of the main system, the swings also rotate. This is an old form of chain swing, which is the same in Tehran’s Eram amusement park. In more advanced examples, the central structure and the joint connecting the chains allow other movements besides uniform rotation. The Eram Tehran amusement chain swing gives the occupant a feeling of release and a unique thrill of moving at height.


The carousel is usually a symbol of an amusement park and is present in most amusement parks. The carousel is a circular structure that rotates the occupants up and down. The required power is supplied through gearboxes and electric motors. The occupant will experience a unique feeling of lightness and, at the same time, a particular excitement when he is in the highest part. Carousel is one of the oldest and most popular amusement parks globally and Eram Amusement Park in Tehran.


The Caterpillar game is ancient. They must have seen most of its musical toys. In old and childish examples, several horses (or any other animal) are attached to the central drive structure and rotate in a circle. In the adult model available in Tehran’s Eram Amusement Park, the horse is replaced by larger cabins such as car seats and spins faster.

Salto Amusement Park

It is one of the relatively modern amusement parks in the world. Eram Amusement Salto consists of 4 interconnected seats that make up a cabin (there are more Salto seats in other amusement parks as well.). Salto is one of the most enjoyable and exciting amusement rides in Eram. The amount of energy that this device takes from the occupant is such that it may seem tired to use other equipment after that!