This article will focus on amusement park incidents to clarify the importance of observing safety tips for amusement parks and people. Even the biggest and most exciting amusement parks in the world have experienced these tragic events. Familiarity with some of the points that we have addressed in the amusement park standard can prevent amusement park accidents.

The need to observe the safety and standard of amusement parks

“The standard of some recreational equipment is subject to mandatory standards by a decision of the High Council of Standards, and activities in amusement parks, playgrounds, wind and water structures are prohibited without the approval of the National Standards Organization.” But sometimes, ignoring this clause has severe human and financial consequences for the people and the owners of the amusement parks. The Eram amusement park aerial train crash is one of the most notorious amusement park accidents, which undoubtedly leads to a credit loss for a set. By recognizing amusement park incidents, dangerous devices, and negligence, we can avoid danger from ourselves and the amusement park.

تجهیزات فرسوده‌ی شهربازی

Worn amusement park

Eram Park air train crashes

Since Eram Amusement Park in Tehran is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Iran, the news of the Eram aerial train crash was heard a lot. Three young women suffered spinal cord injuries in the incident. The fall of one of the aerial train cabins from a height of eight meters was the cause of this unfortunate incident. Fortunately, the injured had their seat belts fastened, which saved them from certain death.

Ardabil amusement park ranger fracture accident

At the “Shurabil” entertainment complex in Ardabil, the Ranger device broke and injured six people.

Ahwaz amusement park accident

The accident of a technical defect of the “Pada” amusement park in Ahvaz is one of the most painful accidents in the amusement park, which unfortunately injured nine people.


ترن هوایی فرسوده

Worn rail of an aerial train


72 tons of air train crashed in Qom, and the passenger died

The 72-ton amusement train in Qom did not meet modern standards and had a technical defect. The crash of an aerial train at the Qom amusement park left four people dead and injured.

Shahinshahr amusement park incident in Isfahan

At Shahinshahr Amusement Park, a machine derailed and threw all the occupants out. The tragic accident left 25 people injured.

The collapse of the “jumping” device of Luna Park, Shiraz

Standard experts banned the use of this device. But ignoring the standards, the jumping machine caused a painful accident. In Luna Park, Shiraz, the tow rope cable was torn, the jumping machine fell, and unfortunately, two teenagers were injured in the back.

Power outage in Tabriz Elegli amusement park

Two people were injured in a power outage at Tabriz’s Elegli amusement park. The two were riding in a fast-moving free-fall machine that crashed into a power outage and sustained severe injuries.


An unfortunate event is possible in every branch and industry. Each activity can have its harms. Even sitting in a safe bed at home is not so harmless! But by observing safety and standardization, some amusement park accidents can be prevented. Or look for a solution by anticipating certain events, such as power outages at amusement parks. Everyone is obliged to observe “safety.” From amusement park tourists to collectors and equipment manufacturers. For example, wearing a seat belt can save a person’s life in a fall. But compliance with the standards is no longer relevant for amusement tourists; This is entirely up to the equipment manufacturers and amusement park owners. By standardizing the amusement equipment, they are the ones who can create a safe and attractive environment for tourists and prevent amusement accidents. In this article, we came across a case in which the standard organization had banned the use of the device. Still, contrary to the organization’s opinion, the device did not stop operating and resulted in the loss of life. This loss of life, apart from immorality, will lead to a credit loss for the amusement park in question and disrupt the activity of this industry.