Unfortunate incidents of amusement parks

Most of the accidents that occur in amusement parks are caused by high-speed or non-standard speed devices. But standards are not always the issue. Sometimes accidents are inevitable and happen despite all the predictions and safety precautions. An unfortunate incident can permanently invalidate the amusement park or lead to the closure of the entire complex. Nevertheless, should the pleasant excitement of amusement parks be bound? No. With the electronic revolution and the decline of mobility in everyday life, amusement parks are among the most exciting entertainment venues that can raise the adrenaline in the blood and leave a thrilling experience. So how do you make a safe playground? Or what are the standard amusement parks? So get to know the simulators.


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Modern amusement equipment

Simulators, safe and standard equipment

Simulators are an excellent alternative to high-risk playground equipment and are considered safe devices. They do not have the risk of height and speed. If the power goes out, nothing wrong will happen to the user; only the device will stop moving! So it is an excellent choice to experience excitement along with safety. It is suitable for most age groups, from children to adults and the elderly (excluding cardiovascular disease and hypertension).


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Flight VR Simulator

Simulators, modern and creative equipment

Apart from safety, several types of equipment have always been in the amusement parks and have been repeated from previous generations until now. At the same time, today’s diverse man is looking for new experiences. The experience of playing the carousel or Saba ship may seem repetitive to the adult generation and has lost its appeal. Therefore, amusement parks should think of new facilities and equipment, by the modern human taste. The simulators are made according to the latest technology and are interesting for the latest and creative user.

Aerial train simulator

The aerial train simulator has a cabin with a capacity of two passengers. After fastening their seat belts, the occupants put on their VIR goggles, and the house rotates according to the rotations within the virtual reality image. With the ability to turn on both horizontal and vertical axes, the cabin creates the excitement of a real air train in a safe bed for the occupant.

In the pictures, you can see some aerial train simulators made by different companies.

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Toofun aerial train simulator


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Toofun aerial train simulator


شبیه‌ساز ترن هوایی

Toofun aerial train simulator

Flight Simulator

The capabilities of flight simulators vary from company to company. The flight simulator’s whole point is to recreate a real and adventurous aerial battle with virtual reality glasses or monitors. The rate of rotation varies in the products of different companies. Some are adjustable, some are finite, and some have full rotation on both the horizontal and vertical axes.

In the pictures, you can see some flight simulators made by different companies.

شبیه ساز پرواز

Toofun Flight Simulator


شبیه ساز پرواز

Toofun Flight Simulator

Minivan, a unique simulator

The Minivan simulator is single-player and supports car, flight, and spaceship games. The Minivan is a small, cost-effective device that simulates the movements inside a virtual reality camera. The circular cup in which the user sits can be rotated; Therefore, the Minivan’s motion is rotational. This device is designed and manufactured for home and game club use.

Cycling Simulator

Cycling Simulator is a cost-effective device designed and manufactured for home and club use but can also be welcomed in indoor playgrounds. Some people are very interested in cycling but are either afraid of its outdoor injuries or are unaware of it. A cycling simulator is suitable for everyone, but it solves the problem of this group of enthusiasts. It also works for cyclists who stay home in the fall and winter.

A cycling simulator with virtual reality capability brings nature indoors and makes exercising more enjoyable. When we enjoy sports more, then we will be willing to stick to our exercise routine.

The above are popular simulators. Other simulators on the market can be named, such as driving simulator, ‌ shooting simulator, horse simulator, ski simulator and …