Introducing the Chitgar collection

Chitgar artificial lake is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran that has various facilities. With an area of 130 hectares, it is located in the northwest of Tehran (District 22 of the municipality). The idea of building this complex dates back to before the revolution, but it was launched many years after the process. Now, around the lake with 120 hectares, many recreational facilities have been created that have turned Chitgar Lake into a tourist hub in Tehran. One of its most popular collections is “Chitgar Amusement Park.”


دریاچه‌ی چیتگر

Chitgarh Lake


Reasons for the popularity of the Chitgar collection

Creating a diverse range of entertainment in the Chitgarh collection has made it popular with all ages and tastes. Chitgar amusement park, rocky beach for walking, lake for boating and fishing, circus, cycling track, Chitgar sand beach, karting, Bamland complex, etc., offer many tourist choices. In family entertainment, from children to young and old, everyone can choose a space that suits their interests and raise their adrenaline!

Amusement Park

The playground equipment of “Chitgar Lake Exciting Land” has been selected according to the amusement standards. Most of them are modern equipment. Chitgar amusement rides are made in Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. Roller glider, electric car, carousel, free fall and roaring slides, safari, excitement pyramid, aerial skating, ski jumping track, etc., are the amusement park equipment.


بام لند چیتگر


Roofland facilities of Chitgar amusement park

Kids garden amusement park is one of the most fun parts of Chitgar amusement park for children. Grimoire and photographers are stationed here to paint and photograph children’s faces to perpetuate the fond memory of Chitgarh Lake. Trampolines, children’s handball, air hockey, suspension bridge, obstacle room, slide, etc., are the Bamland Chitgar amusement park equipment.


شهربازی چیتگر

Chitgar amusement park equipment


Virtual reality or VR allows tourists to go to distant places or unique entertainment. With virtual reality glasses, you can be in Chitgar amusement park but walk on the tops of snowy mountains or adventurous forests!

Windy town Bamland Chitgar amusement park

This part is made with air mattresses. Falling, hitting doors and walls and … there is no harm! Bubble football, darts, and soap football are the games in this episode.


شهربازی چیتگر

Bubble Football

Roof Land Free Jump Mattress

Suitable for those who like height and jumping. A wide air mattress covers the floor and the tourist can rise from his favorite height and jump safely! This part is one of the most popular chitgar amusement rides.

Skyfly Bam Land

In this part, there is a chain swing that lifts and rotates the occupants to a height of 25 meters. The chain swing cabinets are for 2 people and have a total capacity of 24 people.

Roof Land Excitement Tower

Free fall and roaring waves, with a height of 24 meters and a length of 80 meters, are the most exciting complex in the Middle East, which also has a high speed. In family and friendly entertainments, this part can be selected for a mixed presence in Chitgar amusement park.


فوتبال دستی انسانی

Human handball


It has the same form of handball as a toy, except that it is designed on a human scale, and its players are humans instead of plastic dolls. It is enjoyable for those who go to Bamland in a group.

Working hours: from 6 am to midnight.

Phone (IVR): 02124557

Address: Chitgar Lake, end of Hemmat Gharb Highway, Tehran